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Theatrical Activities

Theatre Group “Ark of Dream”

Of the Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood

The theatre group of the Department being active since 1991 was created by the undergraduate students’ initiative. Since its first years of existence the theatre group of what was then called Department of Nursery Teachers Training College included in its form students from the Medical School and the Department of Primary Education as well as citizens of Alexandroupolis who creatively conduced towards the rich activities of the group.

From 1991 till 2003 the theatre group, under the guidance of stage director Nikos Zervopoulos, successfully staged not only plays of classical repertoire and Modern Greek drama but also plays for children; puppet and shadow theatre shows (Karagiozis). It also participated in the University Cultural Festival organized by the Athens University in 1992, resulting in being known and receiving invitations from foreign festivals.

During those years the theatre group proved that its activities can have positive influence on communication level, conformity and creative relations with local society. Additionally, participant students get the chance to develop in a practical way their communicative abilities, their techniques of expression as well as their cooperative abilities and their exposure in any public (very important for a teacher). However, we need to point out that the participation in the theatre group does not necessarily mean the role of acting only. Every student can attend rehearsals, engage themselves in technical matters and initiatively collaborate in different subjects.

In 2002-2003 the theatre group organized a tribune to our contemporary story teller Eugene Trivizas. In the frame of this tribune the group staged two of his plays “the dream of the scarecrow” and “Fruit-utopia”.

In the academic years 2007-2008, the theatre group is re-established under the stage guidance of Myrsini Lantzouraki and it is named “Ark” theatre group of the Department of Education Sciences in Pre-School Age. Celebrating the Department’s 20th Establishment, “Ark” staged the performance “Noah Family” by X. Kalogeropoulou- Th. Moshopoulos. The performance was also presented in the frame of cultural events on the isle of Samothraki as well as at the festival of University amateur theatrical groups organized by the Municipal Theatre in Serres.

Later, in the academic year 2008-2009, the theatrical play “Round the World in 80 Days” by Pavel Kohout was staged on theatres in Alexandroupolis and Komotini  as well as in Konstantinopolis Zographeion Lyceum in the frame of an Educational trip of the Department in December 2009. In May 2010 the group staged the play “Simigdalenios” by Al. Adamopoulos.

Also, the Department’s Puppetry Group on 2nd June 2009 performed for the children hospitalized in the Pediatric Clinic of Alexandroupolis General Hospital an alternative way of teaching and entertaining through the action “Our puppetry show travels”.

In September 2016 the theatre group changes its name to “Arc of Dream”. In October 2016 the group in its new form produced an event for the welcoming of the first year students with the title “The Island of emotions” be M. Hadzidakis. At the end of the year, at Christmas, it put up the performance “Homeland is sought” in collaboration with the Department’s choir and the tutors of Music and Art.

In June 2017, the play “Cockroach” by V. Mavrogeorgiou is staged both in Komotini and Alexandroupolis. The same year, in December the group presents short Christmas stories titled “Christmas lessons”. In April and May 2018 the performance “The best story in the world” by V. Mavrogeorgiou is first shown in the Prison of Komotini in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Crime Policy. And later was included in the celebrations of Eleftheria in both cities of Alexandroupolis and Komotini

In June 2018 the group carries out a set of shootings and with the Maik Productions amateur Cinematography team completes a short length film titled “Re- Generation” dealing with the theme “Imagine a Drone or a Robot for Peace”. The film is a production of the Laboratory of Pedagogical Research and Education Practices and represents the Greek OMEP. The film participated in a worldwide screening organized by NGOs collaborating with UNESCO for the celebration of International day for Peace.

The festive event “Christmas Complication” was intended for both kindergarten and Primary school pupils and was shown at the Art café of Altinalmazi Park.

In the frame of the Meeting for “Children’s Rights in the world today” (11th May 2019) the event “There’s something I want to tell you” is presented in the hall of Themelio of the School of Education Sciences. The event is structured by the group through improvisation, discussion, re-contemplation, re-feeding with the use of DiE techniques.

Also, in June 2019 the play “The young slave” by X. Kalogeropoulou is put up. The performance is intended for young and older audience and it is carried out with the collaboration of Alexandroupolis Children’s Village SOS.

In October 2019 the group voluntarily participates in the action against human trafficking Walk for freedom (Youtube Slideshow_ Walk for Freedom). Arc of Dreams directs the promo trailers of the action as well as it organizes a flash mob based on DiE techniques at the opening of the Day of the action. In December 2019 the group participates in a trailer for a charity event organized by the Cultural Association of Evros (4th Marathon of life: «Evros builds a home for Autism»)

In December 2019, within the cooperation of the Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood and the Municipality of Alexandroupolis for the organizing of the city’s Christmas events, the group stages the performance “The fourth Wizard” Youtube Slideshow based on a story written by Ted Singer. The theatrical adaptation is performed by the members of the group.

“Ark of Dream” is always open to new members. The prerequisites for joining are consistency and the spirit for teaming and cooperative work. Applications are accepted from 1st September till 15th November. Meetings take place every Saturday 10:30- 14:00 in the Department’s Themelio Hall.

Directing: Myrsini Lantzouraki, Specialized Teaching Staff


Facebook: Κιβωτός Ονείρου Θεατρική Ομάδα ΤΕΕΠH