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Committees of the Department

1. Undergraduate Program Committee
  • Keeping records of undergraduate degree programs in Greek and English
  • Monitoring changes, modifications and implementation of the syllabus
  • Proposals for changes in the curriculum

2. Postgraduate Programme Committee
  • Planning for the re-establishment of the Postgraduate Programmes of Study
  • Preparation of the curriculum of the Postgraduate Studies
  • Management of the Postgraduate Programmes of Studies in relation to the Greek Ministry of Education and the Special Account for Research Funds (SARF) of the Democritus University of Thrace
  • Coordination of the Academic Staff of the Postgraduate Studies programme
  • Updating of the content of the webpages of the Postgraduate Studies
  • Postgraduate study guides of the Department
  • Collection of data related to research in the context of the Postgraduate Studies Programme and collaboration with the Research Committee in promoting it

Members of this committee are the members of the Coordinating Committees of the Postgraduate Programmes of the Department

3. Committee of Internal Evaluation
  • Collaboration with the Quality Assurance Unit (MO.DI.P.) of the Democritus University of Thrace for quality assurance issues of the Department’s studies and accreditation of the curriculum
  • Collection and analysis of Department information and data
  • Preparation of the Internal Evaluation Reports of the Department
  • Recording and suggesting improvements proposed in the Internal Evaluation Reports of the Department
4. ERASMUS+ Programme Committee
  • Supervision and coordination of student and faculty exchange programmes
  • Supervision of the Credit Transfer and Accumulation
  • Suggestions for the improvement of the organization and expansion of the program
  • Developing partnerships of faculty members with European universities
5. Committee of Undergraduate Practicum Programme
  • Development of the practicum programme and supervision of its implementation
  • Collaboration and coordination of Academic teaching and supervising staff
  • Search for areas of practicum for students
6. Committee of Scientific Research
  • Promotion of research and new knowledge produced within and outside the Department
  • Recording research tools to equip laboratories of the Department
  • Proposals for scientific events
  • Searching and creating the conditions for scientific collaborations between the Department’s Academic staff with other institutions
  • Searching for research programs and funding sources
  • Recording data related to research in the context of the Department’s Doctoral studies and Postgraduate programmes and forwarding information to the Committee of Internal Evaluation
7. Committee of Research Ethics
  • It studies the compliance of research conducted at Department to ethics and makes recommendations to the General Assembly
8. Study Guide Committee
  • Content updating of the Study Guide in Greek and English
9. Committee of Educational Material Office – Special Library
  • Documenting and organizing of the educational materials of the Laboratory
  • Proposals for obtaining further educational materials
  • Educational activities concerning the educational material
10. Department website Committee
  • Content updating of the Department website
11. Committee for the Development of Relations with Local Authorities
  • Collaboration with local and regional authorities
  • Collaboration with education agents
  • Collaboration with local economic and social authorities
12. Committee of Student Affairs
  • Student counseling on subjects concerning studies and promotion of student support structures of the Democritus University of Thrace