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Learning Outcomes of the Undergraduate Studies

Upon successful completion of the studies, the graduates acquire the necessary scientific knowledge, skills and competences on the field of Education Sciences in Early Childhood and have the opportunity to pursue their professional development. They will be able to:

  • Construct a broad humanitarian education capable of critically interpreting the contemporary challenges.

  • Understand and interpret scientific theories and concepts from the field of education sciences and effectively transfer and apply them in early childhood education settings.

  • Understand a variety of factors that contribute to the social and educational reality.

  • Apply educational practices and methods that have as a focal point the child‘s holistic development, its personal rhythms and its perspectives of integration in the cultural environment.

  • Design, implement and evaluate innovative educational programmes (curricula) in institutional and alternative early childhood educational areas and self-evaluate themselves.

  • Direct and manage early childhood institutions.

  • Design and implement programmes for the internal evaluation of educational units.

According to the Presidential Decree 320/83 the holder of the Undergraduate Degree in Education Sciences in Early Childhood can work as a teacher in public and private kindergartens. In addition, they can be employed in a broad range of related social institutions.