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General Information (Laboratory of Informatics)

The Laboratory was established in 2000 (FEK 176/31/7/2000). Its main goal is to promote education and research involving Informatics in the context of the Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood. Informatics is a rapidly evolving field with a significant role in all life sectors. The integration of Informatics in education is an interesting research field during the last six decades. The last two decades Informatics is integrated in early childhood education as well.

Main goals of the Laboratory are the following:

  • Support of teaching in the Department in aspects involving Informatics
  • Enhancement of the role of the early childhood educator with the exploitation of ICT
  • Basic and applied research in Informatics and in aspects concerning the integration of ICT in education

Director of the Laboratory: Dimitrios Prentzas, Associate Professor

Collaborating Member of the Laboratory and Technical Staff: Maria Hatzisavva


Dimitrios Prentzas

Telephone number: +30-25510-30086

Email address:

Maria Hatzisavva

Telephone number: +30-25510-30044

Email address:

Telephone number of the Laboratory: +30-25510-30078

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