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Academic Counselor

The Faculty members act as academic counselors for undergraduate students. Each academic year, each freshman is assigned to a Faculty member who will act as the academic counselor throught the individual’s undergraduate studies. The academic counselor chooses how to approach and assist the students assigned to him/her. The academic counselor informs, gives advice and assists students during their studies.

The assignment of students to Faculty members is done randomly. The distribution of this assignment is even. In case an academic counselor is absent for a long time period (e.g., sabbatical leave, health issues), the General Assembly temporarily assigns the corresponding students to other Faculty members.

The Department has approved a regulation for the academic counselor (available in Greek). Further details about the institution of the academic counselor are available in the specific regulation. This regulation is based on a corresponding draft regulation approved by the Democritus University of Thrace.

The Department applies the institution of the academic counselor since the academic year 2019-20. In previous years, a committee of student affairs operated in the Department consisting of one to two Faculty members for each one of the four year of studies.