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Laboratory of Pedagogical Research and Educational Practice

The Laboratory was found in 2011. The fundamental objectives of the Laboratory are the following:

1. The theoretical study and the application of innovative pedagogical practices, both in class micro level and in alternative educational areas of children at pre-school and primary school age.

2. The research on topics related to:

• The pupil as a participant, member of the class, the group and a receiver of pedagogical and teaching interventions, of practices, applications and their results both in and out of the class.

• The teacher and his role at modern school.

• The educational process as practice designed by the teacher and emerged by the pupils, its implementation and evaluation.

• The structure and operation of modern school in the near and broader social environment.

• Managing teaching situations in class.

• The contents of teaching and learning in pre-school education.

• The family of the pupil and the forms of relations developed between parents and teachers.

• The contents of Curricula, their elaboration, the methods and techniques of application in practice of pre-school and primary school education.

3. The support of the Practicum with seminars and experiential workshops, in small groups, during which students participate in feedback procedures, plan, evaluate educational programmes and evaluate themselves.

4. The cooperation with the Office of Management of Scientific and Pedagogical Material and the Special Library, for example in the field of designing and evaluating educational material.

5. The cooperation with other laboratories and/or individual researchers and/or faculty members of the Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood and other Departments, in order to promote pedagogical research and specific pedagogical applications.

Director of the Laboratory:

Collaborating Member of the Laboratory and Technical Staff: Panagiota Athanasiou


Maria Moumoulidou

Telephone number: +30-25510-30054

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Panagiota Athanasiou

Telephone number: +30-25510-30005

Email address:

Telephone Number of the Laboratory: +30-25510-30119

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