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Vasiliki Brouskeli

Position : Assistant Professor

Field of study : Health Psychology

Contact Info

Vasiliki Brouskeli


Scientific studies

  • Undergraduate Degree, Department of Psychology, School of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology, Department of Applied Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Surrey, UK

  • PhD in Health Psychology, Department of Primary Education, University of Thessaly, Greece


Undergraduate Courses (Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood)

  • Health Psychology

  • Sexuality and Health

  • Health Education in Early Childhood Education
  • Child and Life Events


Postgraduate Courses

  • Dealing with Children Suffering from Chronic Diseases: Special Issues and Learning Implementations (Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood)

Scientific Interests:

The impact of important events, such as divorce, hospitalization and death in a child’s life
Health behaviors
School crisis prevention & intervention


Official Government Gazette :

Appointed Assistant Professor 22-8-2014
Appointed Lecturer 8-6-2010