Information-Undergraduate Program


The Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood opened its doors to receive its first students in 1987 and has been administratively independent since 1992. Throughout these years it has been extremely active instructing educators who intend to follow careers as teachers or researchers in the area of pre - school education. In this direction it has developed:

  • A Ptychio program which provides the basic up - to - date scientific knowledge in the areas of the science of education, psychology, science, language and culture. At the end of this scientifically integrated program the students are given the opportunity to write a thesis with the aim of being introduced to the scientific issues of research in the area of pre - school education.

  • A Three - year Practicum Program which offers students the opportunity to develop skills and become familiar with methods of working with small children. The program also cultivates the cross-curricular thematic approach of the learning process and the effectuation of educational activity plans, creativity and practice in matters of assessment and self - assessment. This correlation of theory with actual practice has already proved successful in kindergartens, day care centers, museums, children's libraries as well as in the sensitive area of hospital care and education of small children.

  • A Program of Foreign Language Learning which secures easy access to scientific publications in other languages.

  • An Inter - Departmental Post - Graduate Program in the area of socio - cultural education and the education of animators which leads to the diploma of specialization of pedagogue/animator either in the area of socio - cultural education or in the area of contributory pre - school education. This programs attempts to offer scientific specialization to educators in matters of culture, environment, citizen's education, health education, language and mathematics in the directions of intra - cultural approach and minimize the inequalities among children who encounter the school learning process for the first time. The Post - Graduate Program operated from 1/1/2003 till 31/8/2008.

The above are aided by educational and research activities of the faculty and students, such as the program of equalization of degrees of Pedagogic Academies, the guidance of doctorate dissertations, the organization of lectures and conferences, the participation in scientific meetings, the writing of scientific articles, the planning and publication of education materials and assessment testing tools, the organization of cultural/educational activities, etc in a continuous effort of scientific presence and mutual action with local, national and European organizations that aim at the education of children of pre - school age.